Q: What are 'Die-Cut' Decals?
A: 'Die-Cut' simply means, that the decal is 'cut out' into the shape or design shown in the image on the product pages. Only the part of the image that is coloured will be the decal. There is not a white or black background.

Q: How is 'Die-Cut' different than 'Printed' vinyl?
A: 'Die-Cut' is different that 'Printed' vinyl in that it is cut into a single colour only, and not printed into a full colour spectrum, like a computer printer. What this means is that in the images shown on the decal product pages, the part of the design that is in colour is what is 'cut out' into the vinyl. 

Q: How does Postage work/ When is my order sent?
A: Orders can take up to 7- 10 BUSINESS DAYS to send out. As a small business, all decals are made to order to ensure maximum quality. We post your stickers via Australia Post.

We offer Regular Post, Regular Post TRACKED (Please Note - Registered is NOT Express) or FREE Post for orders over $50

Please allow up to 10 business days for the arrival of your order once posted, You will receive Tracking via email once your order has been processed at our local Post Office.

Please note - You may receive Tracking Numbers prior to your order being processed by Australia Post - In this instance you tracking will not register as sent until processed, Generally 2 - 3 hours after receiving tracking

Q: Where do we Post our orders from?
A: We ship Australia wide from The Blue Mountains, West of Sydney. 

Q: What Payments do we accept?
A: We accept secure payments through Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal.

Q: Is my information secure?
A: All our Payments are processed through secure methods with Shopify, PayPal Your details will never be passed on or retained for any other purpose then your order.

Q: How do I apply or install the decals?
A: Our decals are simple to install, even the large ones. Always clean your surface or window before applying your decals. Your order will come with Instructions and a cleaning wipe.

Q: How do I remove the decals?
A: You can use a razor to gently remove the decal, You may have to clean the surface afterwards to remove any residue.

Q: Where can I apply my decals?
A: Our decals are made with the intent on being installed on the exterior of car windows, however you may apply your decals to any smooth or flat surface. You can even apply them inside of a window. It is a good idea to position your decal in your desired spot first, using tape, prior to installing it. This will allow you to get an idea of what it will look like before you permanently fix it to your surface.

Q: Will my windshield wipers or car washing affect my decals?
A: No. As long as you cleaned your surface prior to applying your decal, then the decal should have no reason to not be securely adhered to your surface. It is recommended to avoid washing your car for 24 hours after application just to make sure it has cured.

Q: What if I have air bubbles after installing my decal?
A: Not to worry. A day or two in the sun and they should come out on their own. You may need to help push them out with your fingertip. You can also use a pin to make a small hole and let the air escape.