The Easy Way To Apply A Car Decal

Applying a Decal does not have to be a daunting task. Following simple steps will see your decal applied smoothly and effortlessly. Firstly you need a decal, (You can find some great decals available at ) 


There are 4 Key Steps in Applying your New Car Decal:

     1. CLEAN 

    Cleaning the area that you will be applying your decal to is extremely important. Proper adhesion will not happen if there is oils or dirt under the decal. To Clean properly, Get a Alcohol Cloth and wipe over the area that you want your decal to go, This will dry very quickly.(If you purchased through then your alcohol Cloth will be provided in with your decal pack)

    2. PEEL

    You will find your decal sandwiched between a transfer sheet and a backing sheet. The transfer sheet is clear where as the back sheet is not. Peel the transfer sheet off the backing sheet, You will see that the decal comes off with the Transfer Sheet.

      3. APPLY

      Hold the transfer sheet in your hand and with the decal and sticky side facing your chosen area and carefully place where you have chosen for the decal to go. Once decal has been placed on window (Or whatever item you applying to) Gently rub out any air bubbles. You will find a car like a keycard works best. There is applicators available online for only a few dollars but a card works just as well.

        4. REMOVE 

        Now that the decal is smooth and there is no air bubbles you can remover the transfer sheet. Pull the sheet slowly and diagonally on a 45 degree angle from one of the corners, If the decal starts to lift put the transfer sheet back down and give a firm wipe over then try again.
          You should now have your decal applied and can stand back and admire you finished look. Heres the only tricky part... Can you stop at one!!